Halfway Through

November 23, 2018 | James Dodge

The Argentine Open is off and running with 8 games in 4 days! Now with a quick break it’s time to adjust your team and make changes to help keep your team in tip top shape. If you read my Start in Style article and kept that team until now you would solidly be inside the top 40 with all your transfers ready to push towards the top in the last couple weeks of the tournament.

Player to Add

Anyone on La Dolfina – This sounds like a no brainer but if you had them on your team to start the tournament they have only played one game. Now is the time to add them they have three more games against very easy opponents. Look for big games for all La Dolfina players, but I would recommend Juan Martin Nero or Cambiaso.

Matias MacDonough – had a very strong first game and also is very cheap if you need a player to round out your line up this is the guy. He was a perfect 4/4 from the penalty line and while Algeria has some tough matchups coming, it is much better than La Albertina. He could be crack the top 10 and being valued at 15k he is a steal.

Francisco Elizalde – had an amazing first game and could be player to add, but going forward they have some tough matchups including Ellerstina and Las Monjitas. On the bright side they have three games left to play so even if they only score 20 points a game which we know he can do, that is 60 points from one player which is not bad at all for his price point.

Ph: Katerina Morgan