Team Intros – La Indiana

May 15, 2018 | James Dodge

La Indiana comes back with an exciting well-balanced roster.

Alec White was a stud last year and probably should have been raised to 5 goals, but he wasn’t and I would put him in your fantasy line up right off the bat. He averaged over 16 points a game throughout the Queens and Gold Cup.

Facundo Pieres is now playing for La Indiana after playing with his brother last season. This is honestly  a 4-man team and I don’t think Facundo’s value will take a hit but it could if they spread the ball around. For now, he’s still the king of fantasy polo.

Nic Roldan is a solid consistent player who can fill out the middle of your team. He average 21 points a game in both tournaments last season.

Michael Bickford should probably be 2 goals all around the world, but in the UK he is only 1 so he could be a steal. He averaged 6 points in the Queen’s Cup, but stepped it up in the Gold Cup and averaged a solid 11 points. With very few of the same patrons coming back Bickford is a good pick up.


Ph: Gillian Hughes