And They’re Off!

May 25, 2018 | Katie Vickery

All teams have now played excluding Valiente and so far there are already some surprises. It’s no shock to see Agustin Merlos up there at the top. He led the charge throughout both tournaments last year and it’s looking like he plans to keep up this record this year now playing for Emlor.

The Monterosso Toccalino brothers are making a surprise appearance up at the top of the Players leaderboard. A stellar game for both of them against Emlor sees them ranked within the top 5, an unusual place for them to be.

Guillermo “Sapo” Caset takes his customary place up in the top 3 and Nic Roldan features highly with a big score. Young 7 goaler Juan Britos is clearly one to watch as he scores an impressive 28.75 points in his first game and at just $27k he is definitely worth your consideration.

As fair as patrons go it is Michael Bickford and Spencer McCarthy standing out from the crowd with 13.5 and 9.25 points respectively. Look to these 2 to be perfect line up fillers who will also earn you those precious points.

We wait to see how Fantasy stalwarts Valiente perform when they play tomorrow.


Ph: Images of Polo