Argentine Open Final Must Haves

December 12, 2018 | James Dodge

Finally Las Monjitas doing what we thought they could do all season, disrupting the order or Argentine Polo. For the first time in five years we will have a match up that is different from La Dolfina vs Ellerstina. This is the best fantasy lineup for the finals!

Sapo Caset – Has been amazing all year and is currently ranked number one and he will look to carry his team past La Dolfina in the finals. You need to have him on your team in every line up.

Adolfo Cambiaso – Has been playing very well in the Open and La Dolfina will need Cambiaso to have an amazing game to help them get past Las Monjitas and their momentum after beating Ellerstina.

Santiago Toccalino – Came in midway through the Argentine season to replace Julian de Lussaretta. He has been getting better and better all season long and it’s finally is paying off. He is neck and neck with Facundo Sola in terms of points but he allows you to also get Cambiaso in your line up, which I think is worth it.

Jared Zenni – I have put in my finals line ups a few times now because he is so cheap and you can’t afford anyone else. Even though he is not playing he allows you to maximize the value in your lineup.