Bargain Players

June 6, 2018 | James Dodge

We have talked about Malcolm Borwick, Juan Britos, Spencer McCarthy, and Charlie Hanbury who are obviously some of the best players for their price. I want to write about a few players who have been doing well and might not be on your radar.

Joaquin Pittaluga has been playing well averaging over 20 points a game and is the second best 7 goalers behind Juan Britos. He is shooting 83% from the penalty line which is a big reason that his numbers are so high. You could add him if you are looking for someone to replace a high goaler if you already have Juan Britos.

Min Podesta has been playing well and has been averaging 16 points a game. He is someone I would look to add for the quarter/semifinals. If you watch any RH game you can see that he plays a big role in their lineup. As RH progresses in the tournament I would look for opposing teams to focus on Sapo Caset and this should open offensive opportunities for Podesta. This could push him in front of Tommy Beresford for the best 5 goaler as he is only averaging two points less a game.


Ph: Helen Cruden Photography