March 12, 2018 | FP Strategist

With the level of players in this year’s 26 goal season so high it means high valued players are 10 a penny while those more budget saving picks are a little more difficult to come by.

This can make creating your line up a little trickier so here we give you the list of lower valued players and who we think you should pick based on their past performances:

$6k: Jeff Hildebrand & Melissa Ganzi

$11k: Rob Jornayvaz

$12k: Marc Ganzi & Bob Jornayvaz

$15k: Grant Ganzi

$19k: Tommy Beresford

$20k: Jared Zenni

If you have a little to spare, Jared Zenni is a great pick and he can earn you some really good points. He is certainly worth his $1k more than Tommy Beresford who flies slightly under the radar with Facundo and Cambiaso on his team.

For real money savers Jeff Hildebrand is a better pick than Melissa who has a low average point score. Rob Jornayvaz is a solid pick although this tournament he is not a sure thing for the final as he was before Still he is a better pick than Bob and $1k cheaper.

With the Audi line up so unsure at the moment it might be worth waiting to see who will be playing before picking with of the Ganzi’s Marc or Grant.


Ph: Wellington Elite