Best Build

July 10, 2018 | James Dodge

Best Build to maximizes your points at the end of the Group Stage

Tomorrow is the last day of the group stage and 6 teams are playing! This is a great chance for you to earn some points before the quarter finals. In this build you will have 3 of the top 5 players and one of the best patrons we have seen in the 2018 UK season. If this was your build for the entire tournament without using any transfers you would be 55th overall with 311 points. Not a bad spot to be in going into the final stages of this tournament.

Joaquin Pittaluga the 7 goaler on Thai Polo has been outstanding only 6 points behind Facundo Pieres and you save 14k in your budget he is a no brainer. Pittaluga has been shooting 88% from the penalty line and is currently the number 1 scorer in the tournament with 12 field goals.

Francisco Elizalde has been the leader of Talandracas at 8 goals, he will be the most expensive player in this line up but he is worth is being ranked number 3 overall. The most interesting stat for Elizalde is that he is second in shots on goal for the Gold Cup. If he can convert on a few more shots except him to have a big game.

Nic Roldan while he isn’t the highest fantasy scorer on La Indiana he is the leading scorer. Roldan has played well throughout both tournaments and I don’t except him to slow down. He is currently ranked 5th overall and is the best person to round out the pros in your line up.

Spencer McCarthy has been one of the most efficient players this UK season. Rated only 0 goals and costing only 8k he is averaging just over 10 points a game. McCarthy allows you to have 3 of the top 5 players in your line up while also scoring a meaningful number of points himself. He is easily the best player in this price range and the one I feel most confident in going forward.


Ph: Helen Cruden