Best Builds Going into the Quarter Finals

April 14, 2017 | James Dodge

I’m doing two different builds, one that is transfer heavy and one that is based on who I think will make it out of the quarter finals and hopefully save you a few transfers while still maximizing points. If you’re like me, you have saved your transfers for exactly this time and now it’s time to use them to maximize your points from here on out so let’s start with the heavy transfer build.

  1. Mariano Gonzales
  2. Julio Arellano
  3. Alejandro Novillo Astrada
  4. Teo Calle

This build is great because you have two penalty shooters in Mariano and Julio, as well as strong offensive players in all three of your high-level pros. I don’t expect Travieso to make it out the quarters, but I would use Mariano and Teo while you still can. I don’t expect Audi to beat Orchard Hill, but you never know Audi could build off their strong win over Coca Cola and Orchard Hill could be down after giving Travieso their first win of the Open. All in all, this is a strong build, but you probably don’t have some these guys on your team and most of them probably won’t make it through the quarter finals so it will require you to have some spare transfers floating around. If you take the averages, you get 70 points for one round is a very solid outing.

  1. Facundo Pieres
  2. Julian de Lussareta
  3. Juan Chavanne
  4. Marc Ganzi

This is an interesting build because you’re basically guaranteed around 60 points on a bad day, 30 from Facundo and 10 from everyone else. But if you take all their best games from the Open so far, you get a whopping 99.75 points so this team has potential. Facundo is back to his normal 30 points per game average after a slow start. Julian de Lussareta is in a slump as Coca Cola has been falling apart, but could bounce back against what is considered the weakest team in the Open, Travieso. Juan Chavanne may not be a huge point scorer, but will almost always get you about 10 points. Marc Ganzi has big potential that we finally saw in his game against Coca Cola. He scored 4 total goals in one of the best games we have seen from a patron this season. I am expecting 3 out of the 4 to make it through to the semis and there’s a good chance you already have some of these guys on your team, so this line up could save you some transfers and ear you some big points.


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