Best Builds

March 31, 2017 | James Dodge

Standard Build

  1. Facundo Pieres
  2. Julian de Lusarreta/ Matias Torres Zavaleta
  3. Gillian Johnston
  4. Juan Chavanne

This is the team I would choose for the US Open Tournament, while considering past statistics. This team would have averaged roughly 75 points a game this season, which is very good.

Facundo is a no brainer, as he has been averaging over 30 points a game all season. He is a must play for everyone in my opinion. The next 10 goaler playing was Cambiaso, who has averaged 22.46 points over the season. Cambiaso might be the best player in the world, but Facundo offers a different play style that crowns him ‘king of fantasy’ so far this season.

The second selection spot is up to how you want to play Fantasy Polo. Julian de Lusarreta is the better pick overall, but he is risky because he does tend to get yellow cards which are huge hits to point totals. He has earned himself 3 this season so far. Matias Torres Zavaleta has been a consistent player and even won MVP of the CV Whitney. Zavaleta has a higher floor (meaning he has scored higher in his worst games) but you are getting what you pay for. He comes in at $2,000 cheaper than de Lusarretta and doesn’t have the same high ceiling (meaning he is not scoring higher in his best games) as de Lusarretta offers for players who are willing to risk one or two yellow/red cards to get to the top spot. For example, in the Ultimate League, de Lusarretta only averaged 2.88 points per game but also received TWO yellow cards in one game, which is -20 points. De Lusarretta showed his true talent in the International league, where he averaged 27.25, despite still getting one yellow. While Zavaleta averaged 19.00 and 15.67 in the Ultimate and International Leagues respectively, I personally would gamble and play de Lusarretta.

Gillian Johnston is in a class of her own as far as patrons go in the US 26 goal season. She is averaging just over 8 points a game with the next closest patron being Steve Van Andel, coming in at 5 but with the same $12,000 price tag. Now we all know patrons in general aren’t going to carry you to the top of the leaderboard, but Gillian always has the chance break out. For example, in 2016 she had a 20 point game against Audi. She is consistently scoring more points and she is my personal choice for patrons moving forward.

The final pick is a tossup and no one has stood out in particular this US season in the 3-5 goal range. No patron is less than $10,000, which would allow me to get both Zavaleta and de Lusarretta, so I went with Juan Chavanne, mostly because he is on Orchard Hill, therefore he will most likely make it to the semifinals and save you a few transfers along the way. I would pick up whatever 5 goaler Orchard Hill decides to play. Since they had Felipe Vercellino in the Ultimate League and he played well, hopefully they will bring him back. Also, Polito is having a slow start to the season in terms of being a 10 goaler and Facundo needs help around him and hopefully whichever 5 goaler they have can step up.

No 10 Goaler Build

  1. Diego Cavanagh
  2. Julian de Lusarreta
  3. Matias Torres Zavaleta
  4. Gillian Johnston

I don’t think I need to do any analysis on this since I already have my reasoning for most of the players above. Diego Cavanagh is an 8 goaler on Valiente with Cambiaso. Cavanagh also takes their penalty shots and has been benefiting greatly from Valiente’s open field play style. This team build averages you 77.17 points per game, but is a little riskier. Taking out the almost guaranteed 30 points per game with Facundo is nerve-wracking, but with this high risk high reward build, you have a team that can earn you more than what Facundo can offer. These players, minus Gillian, have reached around 30 and close to 40 points in their best games this season, but have also all had games where they were under 10 points, aside from Cavanagh. All in all, this build is risky and it work or it could land you somewhere south of #100 on the leaderboards.

Parting Words

There are 6 teams playing in the Open and two of them haven’t ever been covered in Fantasy Polo this season so we will have to see how they fit into the system. I would pick the standard build because it is a safer bet and I like my teams to start out safe and then take a riskier path as a tournament gets closer to the finals. This is the biggest tournament in the US so expect all the players to on their best horses and going all out to win this. Anything can happen and hopefully this helps you pick the best team possible, pushing you closer to that number 1 spot and the money that comes with it.


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