Best Patrons 

May 22, 2017 | James Dodge

This is always the hardest part of making a team because you never know how patrons are going to play. While there are some strong, attacking and useful patrons who will surprise you and end up earning high points for you without taking up much of your budget, there are others that will stay between the 60s and you can count the number of times they touch the ball on one hand.

Don’t underestimate the importance of these lower handicapped and lower valued players, as one good pick, one diamond in the rough can rack up some tidy scores while also leaving you money left in your budget to splurge on some of the more expensive players out there.

Here are my top 3 patrons going into the 2017 UK Season.

Michael Bickford

Coming off a very strong US season, Michael also proved his worth in last year’s UK season scoring 53.25 in the Queen’s Cup and ranking 28th on the FP system above many higher handicapped players. He plays hard in each match scoring goals, making backs and fouling little. He is a great pick off his $11k.

Aiyawatt “Top” Srivaddhanaprabha

Top’s overall score was somewhat limited by his lack of appearance in 2 games of the Queen’s Cup last year. The fact that he still managed to achieve an impressive 31.5 points in only 3 games means I recommend him as a good strong pick for this year as long as he is playing the whole tournament. His share of field goals and plenty of backhands means he is a good pick off his $11k price tag.

Jean François Decaux

32.25 points in last year’s Queen’s Cup sees Jean François Decaux take his place as a top patron pick. At $8k he is a very cost effective player and will be patroning the La Bamba de Areco side. His low price tag gives you plenty of budget left to spend on the more expensive players, but you know you will be earning points with him too. Win win.


Ph: Gillian Hughes