Build Structures

May 16, 2017 | FP Strategist

Much like building a real high goal team there are several approaches and tactics to building a successful Fantasy team and here I am going to outline a few of the different build structures you can follow.

The King Power Structure

This build structure means splurging on 2 big 10/9 goalers, relying on them to make you the points as you save money on 1 goalers.

Pros: You are almost sure to have 2 solid point makers in your team. You may even be able to afford 2 penalty takers.

Cons: You are putting a lot of pressure on your big boys. An off day, injury or a player that turns out not to be worth his price tag leaves you little wiggle room and without a back up. You also lessen your chances dramatically of earning big surprise points on a wildcard as the likelihood is you will only be able to afford 2 patrons, who although sometimes solid off their value, are largely space fillers.

The El Remanso Structure

This build is all about having a 4 man team. Not leaving anything up to chance you go for the middle handicapped (between 4 and 6) and valued players, meaning that at all times you have 4 people making you points.

Pros: You will have four players working hard for you at all times plus plenty of room for wildcards and bargains to come out of the woodwork and boost your point total without costing you very much. No place or money is wasted on a low cost, low value or low earning player.

Cons: With your money spread evenly between 4 you cannot afford a “superstar” and you run the risk of average point scoring throughout. No big player means less chance of that huge point per match average that is often worth the higher price tag.

The Sommelier Structure

This build is a mix of the 2 above builds. Bringing in 2 high gaolers (between 7 and 9), without maxing out your budget, gives you room to bring in those 3 and 4 goalers who may well surprise you throughout the competition.

Pros: Your 7 and 8 goalers will work hard for you and are very often up there in the FP ranking alongside the higher handicapped players. Saving money on them means you can add in some of those young pros which are on their way up and more often than not prove to be steals off their handicaps.

Cons: Much like with the El Remanso build you run the risk of average score mediums. An underperforming 8 gaoler is costly and hard to shift as you will have to change around your whole structure in order to afford a higher valued player.


Ph: Gillian Hughes