Busy Busy!

June 2, 2017 | FP News

With a busy weekend ahead of us now is the time to start looking closely at those Fixtures. The final zone stage matches take place this weekend and early next week and it is really worth looking at your line up to make sure that you will be earning the maximum amount of points possible at this crucial stage.

With 8 matches left before the semi final knockouts and the semi finals themselves make sure you have players from those teams that will be playing twice.

Talandracas, Sifani, Monterosso and King Power Foxes have already played 3 games each and so this week will play just 1 match compared to the remaining 8 teams who have a busy week ahead with 2 matches each. This will increase their players’  point scoring opportunities for you and make them strong choices for transfer before the fourth round of matches gets underway tomorrow with Sommelier vs Talandracas.

Watch the action live on HERE to follow your players throughout the tournament as they make points for you.


Ph: Cymon Skinner – People of Polo