Colorado vs Kentucky 

August 13, 2017 | James Dodge

Colorado upset Kentucky who won the Columbine Cup and did so by quite some margin winning 6-3. Led by Pablo Spinacci who scored 3 goals and was the highest scorer of the match with 16 points. Kentucky focused on Roberto Zedda and Deigo Cavanagh allowing Spinacci to spilt through to goal. Team Colorado is looking dangerous with 8 shots on goal, Diego Cavanagh lead the team with 3. If he can connect on a few more of those shots, Colorado will be an even more dangerous team. Cavanagh ended the game with 10 points and only led the team in shots on goal. Roberto Zedda led the team in backhands with 6 and scored a decent 11 points, he also had two shots on goal. Patron Rob Jornayvaz came away with only 3 points, but he had a goal from the field and there is an interesting stat to pay attention to with him. He is taking the penalty shots and while he missed 2 from the 60 yard line, this brings him even more value as a patron if Colorado can draw some penalty shots closer to goal.

Team Kentucky suffered a tough loss, but it actually wasn’t as bad as it looks on the score board if you take a look at the stat sheet. The biggest thing I noticed was Matias Torres Zavaleta had 6 shots on goal! That’s huge, that means that team Kentucky was playing true to form and if Zavaleta can clean up some of those shots that it would have been a completely different game. Zavaleta finished the game with 9 points scoring once from the field and had 4 back hands. Guillermo Terrera finished 3rd on the team in back hands with 3 and didn’t record a goal or even a shot on goal. He finished the game with only 3 points. So far the 8 goalers have been less than impressive as far as fantasy points are concerned. Juan Monteverde led the team in backhands with 7 and seems to handle most of the team’s defense not recording a single offense stat. Andrew Beck played very well for a patron and is actually inside the top 10 after the first round of games. He led the team scoring 2 goals and he also had a shot on goal, Beck and Zavaleta are the offensive spark for this team and if they can turn even half of their missed shots into goals we would have seen overtime. Beck is the highest scoring patron so far but sadly Andrew Beck is swapped out for his brother William Beck for the next game and I don’t think it is worth your transfers to be swapping them in and out.

Players to consider for your lineup: Pablo Spinacci, Rob Jornayvaz, Matias Torres Zavaleta

Wild Card: Beck Brothers


Ph: Polo Channel