Combos to Watch – Talandracas Twosome

May 21, 2017 | FP Strategist

While I have focussed recently on some of the familiar power partnerships that we will see competing in this year’s Queen’s Cup, this year is fielding some very interesting combinations that may result in some new power combos on the block. I wanted to take this opportunity to have a look at some of these team formations and see how they might be expected to perform together.

The first one that I want to focus on is the new combo of talented 9 gaoler Guillermo “Sapo” Caset and powerhouse La Dolfina stalwart David “Pelón” Stirling. While Sapo has remained a part of Talandracas for the last few years, Pelón has of late been seen on the Palloincy’s HB Polo side. With them out of the high goal, Pelón has moved across and we will see him team up in what is sure to be an interesting and hopefully point scoring power duo. Well known Argentine season rivals both players are high scorers on their respective teams

Sapo led the FP ranking in the 20 goal Ylvisaker Cup out in the US with 167.75 and an average score per game of 27.46. A solid point scorer, the majority of his points come from penalties and field goals. Pelón was 4th in the FP ranking of the Argentine Open (2nd highest goal scorer of the tournament) and 5th in the Hurlingham Open. Both players are renowned for their successful runs and accuracy on goal.

Both successful forwards, favouring the more attacking plays when on their home turf, it will be interesting to see how they arrange themselves as the two strongest members of the team. With Eduoard Carmignac up in the number 1 position and the young Jack Hyde also playing forward it will be up to Sapo and Pelón to run the game from the back. They will be looking to create plenty of point scoring opportunities for others, but will this diminish their chances on goal and therefore their biggest strength as Fantasy players?

While Sapo comes over from a season in the US, Pelón is fresh from a successful stint in the Dominican Republic. With two such powerful players in conjunction will we see one fade in to the background or will they support each other and share the glory?


Ph: Katerina Morgan