CV Whitney Top Picks

February 27, 2018 | FP Strategist

Today is the day to get that CV Whitney team up. With only 4 matches in this tournament it is important to be ahead of the game so here are some of our top picks out of the 26 goal roster…

Facundo Pieres – despite only making it to the quarters in the Ylvisaker Cup, Facundo Pieres remained number 1 Fantasy Point scorer proving that even playing considerably fewer matches, he is still a solid point scorer. This tournament he will be teamed up with world number 1 Adolfo Cambiaso. This can only increase his point scoring opportunities and his value to you and he remains our number 1 big price tag pick.

Diego Cavanagh – he has been the powerhouse of the Colorado side for the past 2 tournaments. Now joined by long time teammate Christian Laprida it remains to be seen if he will retain the limelight but he is a solid penalty taker and a big point scorer.

Nic Roldan – Bouncing well off teammate Nicolas Pieres, Nic is a big point scorer and with their first fixture against Colorado, he should be a good player to have in your line up from the start.

Jared Zenni – the cheaper of the 2 5 goalers out there, Jared Zenni is not the superstar to project you to Fantasy stardom but he is a good place to spend your $20k in the knowledge that he will earn you on average 10 points a game.

Tommy Beresford – with so few “lower” handicapped players in this roster, it is essential to pick wisely when looking at the cheaper options. Tommy Beresford performed brilliantly in the UK season alongside Cambiaso and we look forward to seeing him earn you big points with this young, power team.




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