Dream Team

August 15, 2017 | Katie Vickery

In case you needed further proof after Hawaii Polo Life’s surprise defeat over Columbine Cup winners Kentucky, that the 4 pro line up is a winning combination you just have to check out our Fantasy Ranking where all 4 of the Hawaii Polo Life boys are in the top 5, only broken up by the highest handicapped player in the tournament Adolfo Cambiaso.

Despite 6 fouls, Juan Martin Obregon is bossing it with an average of 23.63 points per game and a total of 47.25. Imagine what he could do if he can keep those fouls in check. Next up are Mariano Gracida and Tommy Collingwood just 1 point apart on 33.25 and 32.25 respectively. While Gracida’s points come mainly from his 5 field goals, Tommy Collingwood has scored just twice, but has been playing the sweeper position, racking up the highest number of backhands (23), a statistic that should never be underrated. Nacho Badiola isn’t far behind on 29.75 matching the much more expensive Diego Cavanagh.

As we saw with the El Remanso line up in the UK season, this 4 man pro team is a winning formula, certainly in the Fantasy tables, and these medium handicapped players are the ones you want to be scooping up for your team!


Ph: Polo Channel