Fantasy Forecast – Big Hitters

May 15, 2017 | FP Strategist

One big shot can make the difference between winning and losing, I mean not for them. An insane angled, neck shot to goal that¬†slicing through 7 players and whizzes between the posts from 100 yards out to roars from the crowd is worth just as much to those on the field as a scrappy, hard earned goal that trickles over the line to muted applause. BUT to you it is worth 10 points, that’s 6 points more than a regular field goal. That’s huge. That’s a whole extra goal PLUS 2 backhands, more points than some players make in a game let alone with 1 shot. So we have taken a look at some of the players reknowned for making these heroic goals and who we think you should be trusting to make you the big bucks this competition.

Field Goals Outside the 60 Yards from the UK Season 2016

Adolfo Cambiaso – 7

Gonzalo Pieres – 6

David “Pelon” Stirling – 4

Facundo Pieres – 4

Charlie Hanbury – 2

Guillermo “Sapo” Caset – 2

It is interesting to note that while there were 19 goals altogether scored from outside the 60 in the Queen’s Cup there was a whopping 42 goals from outside the 60 scored in the Gold Cup for the British Open, showing that players’ confidence rose as the season went on and they started to shoot from further out. So if your players aren’t making you those big points to start off with, have a little faith and wait for them to warm up and for the confidence to kick in as they start to shoot for goal from further and further out.


Ph: Gillian Hughes