Fantasy Forecast – El Remanso vs Monterosso 

July 15, 2017 | James Dodge

Saturday 15th – 3pm

El Remanso is everything you want a polo team to be, All Pro and winning. Led by the 6 goal duo of James Harper and James Beim who have been playing well above their handicaps. James Harper is averaging 21 points a game and is sitting nicely inside the top 10 for fantasy points in this tournament. He has been doing well from the penalty line shooting 75% and has a whopping 39 backhands. James Beim started slow but has got progressively better throughout the tournament starting with a 13 point game and finishing the group stages with a 21 point performance. He also has the most shots on goal with 9, so he is making the plays and finding space, he just can’t seem to put it between the posts. The El Remanso lineup plays their positions well the two field goal leaders on the team are Ollie Cudmore playing the number 2 positon and Charlie Hanbury playing number 1. Ollie Cudmore has been phenomenal all tournament, averaging 16 points per game this 5 goaler leads the team in goals with 10, with a very aggressive style he is slowly becoming an offensive powerhouse from the number 2 position. Charlie Hanbury has been everything you would want out of a player in the number one position, he is second on the team with 9 goals and has the lowest number of shots on goal meaning that when he has the chance he also always find the goal mouth. El Remanso can beat Monterosso if they can keep the two Toccalino brother in check.

Monterosso is led by the Toccalino brothers Santiago and Ignacio. Santiago plays back and leads the team in almost every statistic. He has 9 goal and is shooting an amazing 83% from the penalty line. He should be averaging more than his 19 points per game but he got 2 yellow cards in his first game. The Toccalino brothers are also tied for the most fouls on the with 13 apiece. Ignacio is a more aggressive player and tends to charge up field with the ball with most shots on goal on the team he is about 50/50 on conversion of these shots to goal.  Also on the team is Matt Perry who had a wonderful Queen’s Cup but has fallen off in the Gold Cup averaging 8 points less per game. Their patron Alessandro Bazzoni is playing well for his price tag, being the cheapest patron and averaging 6 points per game he can add a lot of flexibility to your line up and still give you a few points here and there. If the Toccalino brothers can get free and not foul, and Matt Perry can find return to his Queen’s Cup form I think Monterosso has a chance.


Players to put in your lineup: James Harper, Ollie Cudmore Santiago Toocalino, and Alessandro Bazzoni

Wild Card: Matt Perry


 Ph: Cymon Skinner – People of Polo