Fantasy Forecast – El Remanso vs Sommelier

July 18, 2017 | James Dodge

2 all pro teams patroned by two brothers, what more could you ask for in a polo game?! First off El Remanso, led by the 6 goal duo of James Harper and James Beim. James Harper has been more consistent over the tournament and in the last game James Beim finished with only 10 fantasy points. Harper had 5 total goals with 3 coming from the field, he finished with a solid score of 21 points. Ollie Cudmore picked up the slack and led the team scoring 4 goals from the field and has been solid as a rock all tournament long averaging 17 points a game and never going below 15. He finished this game with 19 points and for a 5 goaler he someone worth putting in your line up. Patron Charlie Hanbury has been outstanding as well, he is the highest rated patron and third highest scoring. He finished the game with 2 total goals and 2 shots on goal. Despite only winning 9 throw ins El Remanso came away with the win, if you watch them closely they play in a very aggressive style of polo, but they don’t have many fouls called on them. Their best bet of winning is to keep playing the way they have; fast, open polo.

Sommelier is led by Canadian Frederick Mannix, he finished the game with 6 total goals and finished with 16 fantasy points despite getting a yellow card. I don’t see this as a consistent problem for Mannix. Juan Gris Zavaleta came through for the team in a big way, the offensive powerhouse had 6 goals and still had 4 shots on goal. This is Sommeliers key to winning, let Mannix send passes up to Zavalete and let him find the goal. Zavalete finished the game with 35 points. Also in the lineup is Alec White who has been playing consistently well through out the Gold Cup. Averaging a very good 17 points at a 4 goal handicap. White had 3 goals from the field and 3 shots on goal. He finished 22 points. The patron George Hanbury had an underwhelming game finishing with just over 2 points, he also had 5 fouls. I see Zavalete and Beim as the wild cards in this match up whoever plays better, I think their team will come out on top.

Players to add to your line up:

Frederick Mannix, Alec White, James Harper, Ollie Cudmore

Wild Cards:

Juan Gris Zavaleta, James Beim


 Ph: Cymon Skinner – People of Polo