Fantasy Forecast – King Power Foxes vs Habtoor

July 18, 2017 | James Dodge

King Power Foxes showed their dominance in a 10-6 win over Talandracas and we got a good look at their game plan. Led by top fantasy scorer Facundo Pieres, KPF try to give him the ball as much as possible with Gonzalo Pieres and the two 1 goalers, James Fewster and Hugo Taylor taking out as many people as they can. This worked to perfection on Sunday, Facundo scored a team high 5 goals and another one from the penalty line. James Fewster had a great game, the Pieres brothers clearly trust him a lot, giving him passes from all over the field and even leaving the ball for him when they were in a losing ride off. He finished the game with 2 goals and 19 fantasy points. Hugo Taylor did most of the dirty work making space and opening up plays for his teammates, but his play was spectacular, consistently riding off players who are 9 and 10 goals. Finally, Gonzalo Pieres played well with a team high in backhands with 14. The defensive stalwart even scored a goal from beyond the 60. If James Fewster and Hugo Taylor (or patron Aiyawatt “Top” Srivaddhanaprabha if he comes back to play the semi) keep up their strong play and help keep players away from Facundo, KPF is going to be a hard team to beat and Facundo will keep those Fantasy points rolling in.

Habtoor came out swinging in their quarter final, taking a 3-0 lead in the first chukka and never letting up. Led by Nico Pieres and fellow 8 goaler Francisco Elizalde, the two combined to score 9 goals while only converting 1 penalty shot. Elizalde carried the team with 6 field goals. Nico Pieres played a more defensive role with a team high 14 backhands and still had 3 goals from the field, but sadly missed 4 penalty shots from the 60. He has been stellar up to this point and I don’t see a reason to worry. Paco O’Dwyer had a solid game with 3 goals but I think you can find better value at the 6 goal level with El Remanso still in the tournament. Their patron Mohammed Al Habtoor had his worst showing of the tournament so far finishing with just over 2 points. I would stay away from him as well. Habtoor’s best chance is the spread the field out and play fast open polo in hopes that one of the three high goal pros can beat the two one goalers.

Players to put in your line up:

Facundo Pieres, James Fewster, Nico Pieres

Wild Card:

Francisco Elizalde


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