Fantasy Forecast – King Power Foxes vs Talandracas 

July 16, 2017 | James Dodge

King Power Foxes came into the 2017 English season as one of the highest rated teams and were looking to continue their 2016 success. They just can’t seem to find the chemistry needed for their two ten goaler team build. During the Queen’s Cup they had multiple 1 goalers come in to play with the team to see who would fit best. They found James Fewster who has been a huge hit since joining the lineup and has proven his worth all throughout this tournament averaging 15 points per game which is amazing for a 1 goaler. Also on the team is long time fantasy high scorer Facundo Pieres, he is the best fantasy player to pick up, but he also comes with a high price tag. Facundo is leading his team and the tournament with a whopping 19 goals from the field. He averages a huge 36 points per game and is worth every dollar of his 40k price tag. Also on the team is 10 goaler Gonzalo Pieres he plays a more defensive role while this normally earns him quite a few fantasy points he has had a recent yellow card problem earning two in the tournament so far bring his average down to 11 points per game. While the yellow cards hurt his fantasy point totals he is shooting 100% from the penalty line 7-7 so far this tournament. Which is a good sign for King Power as they are up against the player with the most fouls in the tournament Guillermo “Sapo” Caset. Finally, patron Aiyawatt “Top” Srivaddhanaprabha hasn’t been playing that well and was better in the Queen’s Cup. I think he has taken on a more defensive role to help make space for Fewster and Facundo as they come in to goal. Top and Fewster are the biggest wild cards of this team and King Power needs them to step up and play above their handicap if they stand any chance of beating Talandracas who has a similar team build.

Talandracas has bounced back nicely from their rough showing in the Queens Cup especially David Stirling. He might be averaging only one point better this tournament, but the team chemistry has been much better on the field. He has been averaging a solid 20 points a game. Guillermo “Sapo” Caset has been an unstoppable force scoring almost all the teams goals with 27 of the teams 43 goals in the tournament so far. Sapo is shooting a great 79% from the penalty line hitting 15-19.  The only downside in his game is the fouls, he has 10 more fouls than anyone else in the tournament with 23. Hugo Lewis is new to the lineup this tournament and came in to replace Jack Hyde. Lewis has been scoring a decent 14 points per game and has been playing much better than Jack Hyde who only averaged 8 points a game for Talandracas in the Queen’s Cup. Rounding out the Talandracas lineup we have the Patron Edouard Carmignac. While he hasn’t done much on the field averaging 4 points a game he could add some value in the money he saves you being only 6k. Stirling and Lewis are going to need to step up and Caset will need to keep his fouls in check if they have any hope to beat King Power and move on to the semifinals.


Players to put in your lineup:

Facundo Pieres, James Fewster, Sapo Caset

Wild Cards:

Gonzalo Pieres, David Stirling


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