Fantasy Forecast – La Indiana vs Sommelier

July 14, 2017 | James Dodge

Saturday 15th – 12pm

La Indiana came into the tournament off a tough loss in the finals of the Queen’s Cup to RH. They lost their only game to King Power. While they have a very strong line up their leader and main goal scorer has come up injured as is the case with RH. Agustin Merlos will be out of the game this weekend and hopes to return for the semi finals. His Brother Pite Merlos will be filling in and he hasn’t inspired much confidence, playing just over a game with La Indiana he has scored 10 fantasy points. He has big shoes to fill, but something tells me you will want to keep him out of your line up. Nic Roldan has benefitted from Agustin Merlos’ lack of playing time and leads the team with 10 goals and 36 backhands. Other members of the La Indiana lineup include Luke Tomlinson who has been playing back for La Indiana and has been doing a fantastic job leading the tournament with 46 back hands. Nothing gets past this guys and while he might not be a high point scorer in fantasy he is key to the success of the team. Finally, their patron Michael Bickford is making a solid bounce back after a lack lustre Queen’s Cup. He is averaging a strong 11 points per game and is the second-best 0-1 goaler behind James Fewster and may be a safer play. All in all, I think La Indiana has a real chance to win if they can build more chemistry with Pite Merlos and while they had a strong showing in their final game it was against La Bamba who are now out of the tournament.

Sommelier is led by Frederick Mannix who has been outstanding this tournament and is a top 3 fantasy point scorer thus far. He leads the team in goals with 12 and has been lethal from the penalty line as well missing only 2 shots so far (6/8). Mannix is averaging 25 points per game! Alec White the number 3 for Sommelier has been earning his keep the young 4 goaler is second on the team in goals with 11 and is very accurate when he takes his shots on goal with only one shot on goal. He is averaging a strong 16 points per game. Also in the lineup is Juan Gris Zavaleta who is an offensive power house but lacks on defence. He is the perfect complement to White. Zavaleta is the wild card of the team with 13 shots on goal, his shots are often just wide. If he can become more accurate and help more on defense than this 7 goaler will be scoring left and right. Finally, their patron George Hanbury brother of El Remanso patron Charlie, has been playing okay. He is averaging 10 points per game but sadly only has 1 goal. If your patron is 3 goals and playing the number one position you would hope for more out of him. If Sommelier can take advantage of La Indiana’s new player and get past defensive stalwart Tomlinson, then I think Sommelier has a real chance of winning this game despite being a lower seed.


Players to put in your line up:

Nic Roldan, Michael Bickford, Alec White, Fredderick Mannix

Wild Card: 

Juan Griz Zavaleta


Ph: Gillian Hughes