Fantasy Forecast – RH vs Habtoor

July 14, 2017 | James Dodge

Sunday 16th – 12pm

This is a classic David vs Goliath situation, RH has been on fire all tournament with Adolfo Cambiaso finally starting to make his penalty shots, he is up 30% compared to the Queen’s Cup. Tommy Beresford has been building on the impressive Queen’s Cup performance he had. The young gun is averaging 19 points a game and has started to take the penalty twos and threes for the team and has been a flawless 10-10. Rodrigo Andrade has been making plays all over the field while being the team leader in goals from the field with 13 and being just two back shots behind the team leader Cambiaso. He has been making a lot of plays on both defense and offense, averaging a solid 20 points a game. Even their patron Ben Soleimani has been scoring well with an average of 6 points per game putting him in the top half of patrons in the tournament. However, they are coming into the quarter finals with a big twist: Cambiaso encountered a leg injury in the 4th chukka of their game against Talandracas and he is expected to miss the quarter final game this weekend. While it is rumoured that Hilario Ulloa (who held down the fort against Talandracas) is due to step in, this last minute shake up could be the Achilles heel for RH and could cost them the tournament.

Habtoor has had a rough tournament to say the least moving into the quarter finals as the 8th seed. While they lost all but one their games, they had a raw deal, playing 2 of the top 3 teams in La Indiana and El Remanso. They also played King Power Foxes which has struggled this tournament, but is a very strong team. Their last game they played a weaker team and showed that they were in perfect form cruising past La Bamba 12-9 to stay in the tournament. The team is led by Nicolas Pieres and he has been stellar throughout, scoring in the top 3 for Fantasy Polo despite his team losing. He is averaging 30 points a game despite receiving a yellow card. Pieres is also shooting 79% from the penalty line placing him in the top 3 among penalty shot takers as well. Francisco Elizalde has been so close to performing up to his handicap fantasy wise and on the field. He has scored 10 goals in the tournament so far but is averaging a rather low 11 points per game. The upside here is that Elizalde has the most shots on goal out of anyone in the tournament with 18 and the next closest is 13. He is making the plays and finding space to take the ball to goal he just isn’t finishing. He is the true x factor in this match up, and if he can start to find the goal he will light up the scoreboard for Habtoor. Paco O’Dwyer came into the lineup and has been okay, but he has been about what you would expect from a young player in the number two positon. Mohammed Al Habtoor has been playing well averaging 7 points a game and out scoring RH patron Ben Solimani. I think there is a real chance, depending on who replaces Cambiaso, Habtoor could win and advance to the semifinals.

Players to put in your lineup:

Nicolas Pieres, Tommy Beresford

Wild Card:

Francisco Elizalde


 Ph: Cymon Skinner – People of Polo