Fantasy Forecast – THE FINAL!!

July 21, 2017 | James Dodge

King Power Foxes vs El Remanso 

If you watched the King Power game it didn’t look like a very lopsided game, King Power wasn’t dominating the field. Habtoor was just fouling more and kept missing their shots on goal. Habtoor has 4 more penalties, missed a penalty shot and had 2 more shots on goal, this led to Habtoor’s defeat. King Power Foxes really spread the ball around, with every player on their team scoring at least 1 goal from the field. Gonzalo lead the team with 3 goals from the field and 3 more from the penalty line. Facundo lead the team in backhands with 12. With Habtoor focusing on Facundo we saw Gonzalo score more Fantasy points I think this trend might continue with the open running style of El Remanso and Gonzalo usually being the back. There could be plenty of chances to score as we saw the same for El Remanso #4 James Harper.  Hugo Taylor and James Fewster had decent games both scoring in the 8-10 point range. This is below average for James Fewster, but I think playing against El Remanso, they will need him to step up and play the ball, instead of just trying to make space for Facundo and Gonzalo. If the two 1 goalers can handle the ball well and score a few goals that could just be enough to push King Power to victory.

El Remanso made it look easy on Wednesday as they destroyed Sommelier 12-5 with almost all of Sommelier’s goals coming after half time. The entire El Remanso line up scored well with the lowest scorer being James Beim with 18 points, he set up a lot of plays from the back and led the team with 15 backhands. Ollie Cudmore lead the team with 5 goals and is someone I would have in my line up for the finals as the last time these two teams played Cudmore led the team in goals as well! James Harper had a great game as well tying Ollie Cudmore with 29.75 fantasy points and being second on the team in both goals 4 and back hands 12. Charlie Hanbury had a solid game and a better one than his brother George, finishing with 2 goals and 10 backhands and no fouls. He is my wild card this week as he will be match up against a 1 goaler for most of the game and outscored James Beim this past week. If El Remanso can play the same style against King Power I think we should see a similar result as the two 1 goalers are going to be the weak spot if they can open up the field.

Players to put in your line up:

Facundo Pieres, Ollie Cudmore, James Harper, James Fewster

Wild Cards:

Gonzalo Pieres, Charlie Hanbury


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