Field Goal Accuracy

September 15, 2017 | FP Strategist

The 0.5 points that you get for a shot to goal is all very well and every little helps but it is nothing to the big 4 points you get for slotting the ball through the posts or the huge 10 points you get for scoring from outside the 60. So we take a look at the players from last year’s Triple Crown who had high field goal accuracy.

Facundo Sola: 67.5% (27 goals out of 40 shots to goal)

Ignacio “Cubi” Toccalino: 59.46% (22 out of 37 shots to goal)

Facundo Pieres: 56.76% (42 out of 74 shots to goal)

Juan Martín Nero: 55.77% (29 goals out of 52 shots to goal)

David “Pelón” Stirling: 55.07% (38 goals out of 61 shots to goal)


Ph: Katerina Morgan