Field Goal Scorers

July 4, 2017 | FP Strategist

Although field goals aren’t everything, especially in Fantasy where solid defence can mean more backhands and more points, goals are still a big source of points for many players and it is key to pick at least one strong attacking player who is making you easy points. A field goal is worth 4 Fantasy points. Here we take a look at those players most likely to be getting you big scores based on Queen’s Cup stats and Gold Cup stats so far. The results are not that surprising however it is worth noting goal that high numbers of goals does not automatically convert in to high overall scores.

Agustin Merlos

Queen’s Cup: Biggest field goal scorer from the Queen’s Cup with 25 goals (2 of which were from outside the 60 yard line and worth a huge 10 points each) and an average of 5 goals per match not including penalties. To be the biggest field goal scorer in the Queen’s Cup is an even ore impressive feat when it is noted that he played only 5 games to the Pieres’ 7.

Gold Cup: After such a heroic Queen’s Cup, Agustin has let off a little in the goal scoring, so far scoring just 4 goals in 2 matches so far. This will no doubt pick up as he once again finds his rhythm.

Adolfo Cambiaso 

Queen’s Cup: Close on the heels on the number 1 ranked Fantasy player of the Queen’s Cup, Adolfo Cambiaso scored 23 field goals plus 1 from outside the 60. These huge points were not reflected in his score due to not having high backhand or throw in points and a low penalty accuracy score leaving him ranked at 8.

Gold Cup: On 6 field goals so far after 2 games, Cambiaso is proving himself a better pick so far in this tournament.

Facundo Pieres

Queen’s Cup: Matching his brother Gonzalo for overall field goals on 20, Facundo takes the lead as he scored a huuuuge 6 goals from outside the 60. That’s 60 points right there and no doubt a huge reason behind why he was placed 3rd in the overall Queen’s Cup ranking with 188.5 points.

Gold Cup: In the number 2 position so far on the goal scoring stakes Facundo has scored 7 field goals in 2 games and remains a stalwart attacking player.

Gonzalo Pieres

Queen’s Cup: 20 goals from the field has Gonzalo in joint 3rd place in the goal scoring ranks, in fact he matched Facundo in almost every stat, within 3 of each for backhands, fouls and total goals.

Gold Cup: Just 3 field goals in 2 games has seen a drop off in points for Gonzalo in the new tournament with Facundo sailing away in to the lead for the King Power line up.

Santiago Toccalino

Queen’s Cup: Second only to Facundo on goals from outside the 60 Santiago Toccalino scored a total of 19 goals from the field, 4 of them were big 10 pointers.

Gold Cup: Having just played the once so far in the Gold Cup, Santiago’s 2 field goals are nothing to panic about as long as he bumps up his scoring potential in the next match.

Matt Perry

Queen’s Cup: Equalling Monterosso teammate Santiago Toccalino on total field goals Perry scored 19, an impressive number for a 5 goaler who ranked just 16th.

Gold Cup: Again having played just 1 game so far Perry’s 2 goal score should not be a sign of things to come and based on his Queen’s Cup performance he will start to score more and more points from field goals as the tournament gets underway.


Ph: Gillian Hughes