Flashback Friday – Penalty Shooters

November 16, 2018 | James Dodge

Penalty shot takers are often the highest scoring players in tournaments and add some nice guaranteed points to the player that takes the shot.

While Pablo MacDonough is rated number one overall from the Hurlingham Open I don’t have him ranked as my number one penalty shooter. He shot for 17-0 while this stat is super impressive it is a little misleading. MacDonough only took penalty shots inside the 40 yard line. So while the numbers look good those penalty shots are not getting him as many points as you would think.

  1. Facundo Pieres was amazing as usual shooting 11 for 12 which is amazing. He even had Polito taking a lot of the shorter penalties and this is a combination we are seeing teams that have more than one talented penalty shooter. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the Argentine Open.

  2. Sapo Caset shot 14 for 18 a very solid 78%. He’s the best player on Las Monjitas and is someone I wrote about in my Start in Style article. Check out that article for more reasons to add Sapo to your line up.

  3. Joaquin Pittaluga while he wasn’t the most accurate penalty shooter I think he will get better with time and the volume is certainly there shooting 15 for 22 (68%). That is the most penalty shots of any player in the tournament. He is also the cheapest player on this list look to add him if you need someone to round out your line up!


Ph: Katerina Morgan