FP #1 – Agustin Merlos

June 19, 2017 | Katie Vickery

An incredible performance in the first tournament of the UK season saw Queen’s Cup glory slip through his fingers, but Fantasy glory was all his as he ranked number 1 in the players leaderboards with 207 points.

A solid pick throughout the tournament, his 34.5 point average per match kept him as the Fantasy favourite all the way through and the third most valuable player in the Queen’s Cup roster (surprisingly behind Corinne Ricard and Alec White). He scored 6.09 per $1000 of his value meaning that every point he earned you cost just $986. 25 field goals earned him 100 of his Fantasy points (that’s very nearly half) as well as the title of highest scorer from the field. He was also the most accurate penalty shooter, missing only 3 shots out of 28, an incredible accuracy of 89% from the penalty line.

He got his La Indiana team to the final with his attacking skills and also earned those of you who put their trust in him constantly high scores: 29, 47.5, 35, 10.25 (an unusually low score as a result of a fall that had him subbed off), 47 and 38.25 in the final.

He will be lining up once again with La Indiana for the Gold Cup and will no doubt be seeking vengeance and a win after so many finals without a win. He is our top high goal pick heading in to this latest Fantasy competition.


Ph: Cymon Skinner – People of Polo