Handicap Changes

May 7, 2017 | James Dodge

There were a lot of big handicap changes over in the US that will affect the line ups in the US next year and are interesting to look at as we move in to the new season here in the UK.

At the top Diego Cavanagh is going from 8-9 after a stellar performance in the US Open in which he was only out scored by Facundo and Adolfo. He also scored the overtime goal to clinch the triple crown for Valiente in the Open. I think it’s safe to say they won’t have room for him in the lineup next year unless Valiente moves towards the Orchard Hill line up structure. He averaged 23.46 points per game over the course of the whole season and I don’t think anyone else was more consistent other than Facundo and if this 8 goaler can keep up with the likes of Facundo Pieres than he deserves to go up to 9. We very much look forward to seeing him play this UK season with his 8 goals and his 31k Fantasy value. He will be a top pick coming off such an impressive US season.

A couple of high impact players from the US 20 goal season were moved up. The one having the biggest impact as we move in to the UK season is patron Michael Bickford going from 1 to 2. He was easily the best patron averaging 12 points per game in the Iglehart, he outscored Juan Chavanne who is rated 4 goals better than him. This move has been coming for a long time and it will be interesting to see how this affects who he plays with next season. He will remain on his 1 goal handicap for the UK season, making him one to watch fresh from the US and especially after his stellar performance in the UK last year.

For those not moving across the Atlantic to England there were more changes. They are still interesting to note due to the impact they will have on next year’s US season. Cavanagh’s Valiente teammate Matias Torres Zavaleta had an amazing season and will be going from 6 to 7 goals. After a lack luster performance in the CV Whitney, he was named MVP in the Gold Cup. Following that, he was injured in the first game of the US Open, but he turned it around and lit up the scoreboard scoring 13 goals over the next 4 games claiming the MVP of the biggest tournament of the US season. If you take out the game he was injured in he averaged an amazing 19.69 points per game on a team with two super stars already. He also averaged 16.89 over the course of the season which is amazing for someone who is only rated 6 goals. This guy played well above his handicap and this is a well-deserved raise for him.

Both 5 goalers (Felipe Vercellino and Juan Chavanne) that played on Orchard Hill over the course of the 26 goal season went up from 5 to 6. Juan Chavanne played better and better as the season progressed and I think Orchard Hill as a team finally figured out how to use him effectively in the Open and it showed. He averaged 13.17 points per game in the Open and only 8.38 points per game in the CV Whitney. Regardless he is a great player who when used properly can play at an outstanding level.

There were also changes to the handicaps of Costi Caset, Peke Gonzalez and Jared Zenni all going from 4 to 5 these guys worked hard all 20 goal season and it payed off for them, pay attention to see if any of these guys make the jump to the 26 goal season next year.


Ph: Gillian Huges