High Goal Pros

August 7, 2017 | James Dodge

High goal pros to put in your line up (7-10): Adolfo Cambiaso and Diego Cavanagh

Adolfo Cambiaso is head and shoulder above the rest of the players in the tournament. There are no other 10 goalers to challenge him. I know I have been down on him in the past, but he is crushing it so far this season. I think with the lower goal style of this tournament he will be even more dominate than he already is. He has averaged 40 points a game so far and should look to continue this incredible play for the Colorado Open starting on Wednesday.

Diego Cavanagh, soon to be 9 goals is the only other high goal pro I would consider picking up for this tournament. He is playing well, despite having a rough first game he bounced back nicely scoring 5 field goals in his next game. Look for him to average about 20-30 points per game and be a strong leader for your fantasy line up when the Colorado Open gets underway on Wednesday 9th August.


Ph: Polo Channel