It’s Not Too Late!!

June 17, 2017 | James Dodge

The finals might be tomorrow, but it’s not too late to make those last minute transfers. With the first final taking place at 11am between Sommelier and King Power Foxes you have plenty of time for a last minute line up polish and we are giving you some ideas. Next to each player is their average score throughout the tournament and underneath is what their combined averages would win you so you have an idea of what to expect.

Team 1 – Safe Bet

Adolfo Cambiaso – 25.20

Agustin Merlos – 33.75

James Fewster – 18.63

Ben Soleimani – 6.6

Total – 84.16

I like this team because when the game is on the line, especially in the finals of a tournament, Adolfo Cambiaso is the man you want. Coming off of a big 40 point game and shooting 100% on the penalty line for the first time this tournament I want him in my line up. In this lineup you also have Agustin Merlos who has been on fire all tournament averaging 33 point a game and he is coming off his second biggest game of the tournament with 47 points. With these two leaders in the lineup it’ time to pick two patrons. James Fewster has been on fire playing the last two games scoring 5 goals and averaging 18 points a game, someone forgot to tell Fewster he is only 1 goal. Ben Soleimani is the best patron left that you can afford at this point, maybe you take Bickford, but he hasn’t shown any of the spark he had in the US season. If you wanted a safer line up because Cambiaso score does tend to vary a lot you could add Facundo instead.

Team 2 – Diversity

Agustin Merlos – 33.75

James Fewster – 18.63

Alec White – 18.46

Rodrigo Andrade – 14.38

Total – 85.22

This is a diversity line up that includes one player from each team in the finals. A good mixture incase someone has a bad game! Again we see James Fewster and Agustin Merlos but this time joined with 2 middling players Rodrigo Andrade and Alec White. White has proven to be very valuable off his price tag, scoring anywhere between 15 and 22.5 throughout the tournament. He is a solid pick who won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Cambiaso’s right hand man Andrade has had a couple of duff games with scores of under 10 so he is a risk, especially in a final where Cambiaso will be unlikely to leave him any limelight, but he will come out fighting and may well pull it out of the bag for you.

Team 3 – Wildcard

Nic Roldan – 21.5

Alec White – 18.46

Juan Gris Zavaleta – 17.63

Tommy Beresford – 14.00

Total – 71.59

This is the ultimate Wildcard lineup. If you take the top score from each player’s tournament performance it is a massive 122 points with Juan Gris Zavaleta’s score ranging from 4 to 49.75. If you take the collective lowest scores it would be just 43.75. This team could earn you that last minute win with epic performances from all or, more likely, they will score averagely to earn you a solid total. Once again the valuable Alec White is included joined this time by La Indiana’s golden boy Nic Roldan. Tommy Beresford has been getting better and better throughout the tournament and will take up little of your budget.


Ph: Cymon Skinner – People of Polo