Julio Arellano

February 11, 2018 | FP News

One of our favourite players and Fantasy picks is now out of the tournament due to a nasty fall in yesterday’s match against stage Stamp Farm. We are glad to report that he is out of hospital and well  but with a broken hand that means he will not be able to play the rest of the tournament. We wish him a speedy recovery and are happy he is safe and well.

If you have him in your team it is time to use one of your 15 transfers and look elsewhere for a big hitter. Unfortunately he went out with a bang, getting a red card in the crash which means you will have some points to make up and quick.

At $32k you will have lots of budget to spend elsewhere and while there are no other players at exactly $32k we would suggest Nic Roldan or Julian de Lusarreta both at $30k and both big point scorers that would be a good fit in your team.


Ph: Wellington Elite