Kentucky vs Hawaii Polo Life

August 16, 2017 | James Dodge

Kentucky has been falling apart, after winning the Columbine Cup they have yet to find their stride again. Last game there were the 6 missed goals from Zavaleta that gave some glimmer of hope that they could bounce back. After this game they are effectively knocked out of the tournament and I would consider transferring all of their players out of your line up as none of them have been very successful for you.

Hawaii Polo Life (HPL) has been the exact opposite with all 4 of their players in the top 6 in fantasy points. They are truly using all 4 members of their team and it has been paying off! Juan Martin Obregon is out scoring Cambiaso as he is part of the offense of HPL and he takes their penalty shots giving him tremendous value. He should be in your line up if he isn’t already. Mariano Gracida seems to be the wild card of this team when he is making plays on goal they are unstoppable. Gracida scored 4 goals from the field. Tommy Collingwood had a much quieter game as he wasn’t needed on offense as much this game. He plays the number 4 role and he made some incredible passes but unfortunately those don’t count for points. Nacho Badiola has done a very good job creating space and making plays to help the two up front score. He plays a big role in picking up Collingwood’s backhands and passing them forward to the offense. Look for HPL to make it to the finals if they can pull out a win against Colorado tomorrow!

Players to consider for your line up: Juan Martin Obregon, Tommy Collingwood

Wild Card: Mariano Gracida


Ph: Polo Channel