Last Zone Stage Matches Coming Up

November 30, 2018 | James Dodge

With just one week left here are the players who can really make a difference and help you climb the leader boards! While Ignacio Laprida and Diego Cavanagh (currently ranked 1 and 2) look like great pickups they have already played three of their four games thus making them look better than they are. You want to add players who have been playing great and still have two games to play.

Adolfo Cambiaso – He is playing amazing for Fantasy, we saw at the end of the Hurlingham Open a little bit, but now he playing that real number one play style that he is famous for! Add him if you can afford to make room in your lineup! He only has 1 foul!

Sapo Caset – has the highest match average in the whole tournament at 41.5. He is in third place overall and has only played two games while many others have played three. If you don’t want to spend so much on Cambiaso I would go with Sapo. He does have a tougher schedule but he should be pretty matchup proof.

Francisco Elizalde – I wrote about Elizalde in my last article saying that he might work out but he has a tough road ahead. They played Ellerstina and still have to play Las Monjitas. But even in their against Ellerstina, Elizalde got it done. His points did not drop very much and he still scored three goals from the field. He is looking matchup proof as well I would add him to help complement either of the two players above. He currently has the 4th highest match average and only costs you 16k.

Ph: Katerina Morgan