Look Forward

January 22, 2019 | FP Strategist

In the last of our Winner Trends series, we look at possibly the most obvious, but neglected trend adhered to by our winners… forward planning.

Planning ahead is probably the best thing you can do to get that headstart on other competitors. Don’t wait for the last minute rush to pick your players.¬†Those successful players are the ones that have taken the time to do their research, checked out the fixtures, planned out their transfer format and based their first pick on more than just who fits into their budget. They have checked out matchups, how many matches each team is playing, the injury status of all the players and they have based their first round pick on these factors.

Check out the rosters as soon as they are available to see which players are likely to go far and who could be kicked out before the quarterfinals to avoid having to make unnecessary transfers.

All these things should be noted before the tournament gets underway.


Ph: Wellington Elite