Low Goal Pros

August 9, 2017 | James Dodge

Kian Hall is the best low goal player in the tournament and is the only one who is averaging anywhere near 10 points a game (during the 20 goal warm up tournament, the Columbine Cup). In fact Hall is averaging a very nice 12 points a game while the next closest ‘low goaler” is at 5 points a game. While Hall is playing well he has a high price tag for a patron, if you can afford him I would stick him in your line up.

Rob Jornayvaz has been playing decently throughout the Columbine Cup, but has been playing well enough and consistently enough for him to be my number 2 patron. Although the Beck brothers are playing better I do think the patron position isn’t worth wasting transfers on making them undesirable  as they switch in and out throughout a tournament. Rob has been consistently playing and is valued at $9,000. A very low price tag with can add a lot of flexibility in your build and with there only being 4 teams you will need to make sure you pick the right players. Hopefully Rob can help you do that and provide a few points along the way.


Ph: Polo Channel