Low Goal Ringers

July 6, 2017 | FP Strategist

It seems to have become the fashion this season for teams to make last second changes to their line ups, the patron stepping out just before the match starts to be replaced with a low goal ringer. This trend was started by King Power Foxes last year when Aiyawatt “Top” Srivahannadapp stepped aside to be replaced by the then 1 goaler Hugo Lewis.

Now it would appear to be de rigour for teams to follow the same pattern, so it is worth making sure you know the teams with a tendency to last minute changes so you can avoid being left with a player in your team who is not playing and making you points.

Those teams which are sticking stalwartly to their 3 pro, 1 patron line ups are:

Monterosso (Alessandro Bazzoni)

La Indiana (Michael Bickford)

RH (Ben Soleimani)

Habtoor (Mohammed Al Habtoor)

El Remanso (Charlie Hanbury)

Sommelier (George Hanbury)

It is definitely worth keeping an eye on these teams in order not to lose out on points, and sticking to the above patrons if you are looking for good picks. In fact looking at the stats, these patrons are earning more points than their low goal pro counterparts, Ben Soleimani is on an average of 7.75 per match and Michael Bickford scored 13 points in the last game against Habtoor. More likely to be found up front and in the scoring zone then working hard to take the man behind and leave the glory to the pros, these patrons are working hard to make you solid points off their cheap price tags.

As ever we will try to keep you up to date with which pros are swapping in for which patrons, but know your risky teams, especially in these zone stages when teams are doing everything they can to earn their places in the finals.


Ph: imagesofpolo.com