Match Ups – Alegría vs Ellerstina

November 25, 2017 | FP Strategist

We all remember the last match up these 2 teams had, the infamous Hurlingham Open final just 1 month ago. It was a game of two halves, reflected in the final score. All players did their part in the Fantasy stakes, earning pretty good scores all round. Any of the players on both sides are good picks and you can’t go far wrong, especially when the match is as even as it will be. However here we have tried to single out some top picks and those players who may not be worth quite as much as you will be spending.

Top Picks

Polito Pieres – scoring 11 goals in the Hurlingham final and having proved throughout this tournament to be a big point scorer, Polito is an obvious choice for this match up. With his cousin Facundo playing further back Polito has taken on the role of striker and is earning big scores as a result.

Guillermo “Sapo” Caset – Sapo is always a top Fantasy pick as he is a huge point scorer and is always reliable. Currently ranked number 2 his average score of 42.08 speaks for itself, especially of the reasonably cheap price tag of $24k.

Players to Avoid

Hilario Ulloa – it is strange to see Ulloa’s name low down in the Fantasy rankings as he is usually a top pick for us, but this season he has not proven himself to be a great asset to a Fantasy line up. With such strongly attacking teammates, it seems he is leaving the point scoring duties up to them.

Nicolás Peres – although one of the cleanest players out there, and therefore certainly not detrimental to your cause, Nico is not a big scorer. Taking his defensive role at number 4 seriously, he rarely comes forward and is a low goal scorer and you can find more positive players under his $25k price tag.


Ph: Katerina Morgan