Match Ups – La Dolfina vs La Aguada Las Monjitas

November 23, 2017 | FP Strategist

It is no surprise that La Dolfina are bossing the Fantasy ranks. Cambiaso is number 1 with Nero and Mac Donough close behind on 4 and 6. They are expensive but, with their track record, you know they are worth the money. La Aguada Las Monjitos is a different story. Although they have been unbeaten so far, they are not big point scorers, not often winning by the margins achieved by La Dolfina. They will also be the underdogs heading in to this semi final so my bets are on La Dolfina players scoring big and leaving the La Aguada boys scores slightly underwhelming. If you have the money, it’s time to back the big boys.

Top Picks

Adolfo Cambiaso – no longer the most expensive player in the Fantasy roster at $38k (Facundo Pieres is worth $39k), Cambiaso has proved to be  huge Fantasy hit this year, with the new tournament format allowing for huge win margins to bump up goal scoring opportunities. He is the leading field goal scorer with 18.

Ignacio Novillo Astrada – at number 10 on the ranking list Ignacio Novillo Astrada is up there with the big scorers and an average score of 29.08 in each match, despite 2 yellows, means that he is a very effective player off his $16k price tag.

Players to Avoid

Miguel Novillo Astrada – A big fouler and a low goal scorer, Miguel is expensive, even off his modest price tag of $17k. Although he works hard on the field it does not translate to Fantasy points and he is not a great pick for you at this stage.

Alejandro Novillo Astrada – second from last in the rankings, the youngest Novillo Astrada brother is worth steering clear of as his negative point scoring outweighs his goals and positive point scoring capabilities. With 12 fouls to his name and a 2 yellows in his first match, he could be more detrimental to your team than positive.


Ph: Katerina Morgan