Match Ups – La Irenita vs La Abertina Abu Dhabi

November 23, 2017 | FP Strategist

None of the players on either of these teams are great Fantasy picks to be quite honest and you might be best saving your budget for more worthy matches however here we give you those that might prove worth your pick and those who are definitely to be steered clear of. They have not proven to be high scoring teams and therefore there have been few point scoring opportunities. Both teams suffered substantial losses to La Dolfina and that has seen a big dip in their scores. Possibly against each other they will have more chances to make those all important points, but even so I would suggest looking elsewhere for those last minute pre final points.

Top Picks

Juan Gris Zavaleta – ranked number 18, Juan Gris has been holding down the fort for his team which sees the rest of their players below the 25 mark in the ranking. With an average of 23.42 points per match and a value of just $15k he is a good economic pick for the weekend matches.

Alfredo Capella Barabucci – the strongest Fantasy pick on his side, Capella had a great Hurlingham Open and has been fairly solid throughout this tournament although he has not been scoring as many goals as he has in the past. He is a reliable pick if you need a player in this match, if not an outstanding point scorer.

Players to Avoid

Clemente Zavaleta – ranked at 38 out of 40 players, Clemente has not had a strong tournament Fantasy-wise and is not a recommended pick for you. With only 1 goal in the tournament so far and 7 fouls he is not worth his modest $11k price tag and you are better to look elsewhere for cheap but effective options.

Santiago Toccalino – although usually a decent point scorer on backhands alone, Santiago has scored fairly low due to high numbers of fouls, technicals and yellow cards. This has placed him at the bottom of the Fantasy ranking system and he is certainly not worth having in your line up at this crucial time.


Ph: Katerina Morgan