Match Ups

February 17, 2018 | Katie Vickery

Postage Stamp Farm vs Colorado

This will be a close match which can always go either way on the Fantasy point scoring stakes. Bear in mind Annabelle Gundlach has not been playing the last couple of matches so is worth steering clear of. My only sure pick in this match up is Diego Cavanagh who has a great score per match average and should make you lots of points although Mariano Aguerre has also been solid.

La Indiana vs Tonkawa

Tonkawa are a strong Fantasy side and I forecast big points for all of them and La Indiana not so much. Sapo is a reliable machine and Sterling and de Lusarretta have done well so far. Even Jeff has played his part. Only Victorino of the La Indiana side would be on my radar.

Valiente vs SD Farms

This should be a big point scoring opportunity for the much stronger Valiente side and I would suggest avoiding the SD Farm players. Patron Sayyu Dantata has been absent for the last few matches and big point scorer Ignacio Laprida’s total is the result of an extra match and not a high match average. Only Santiago Torres has proven a good pick from Valiente so far but that may change heading in to the knock out stages.

GSA vs Pilot

While Pilot has two of my top Fantasy picks: Facundo Pieres and Timmy Dutta, I would advise to steer clear of anyone in GSA except Henry Porter. If you are going to spend $30+ on your “big player” I would suggest going big and splashing out on Facundo rather than settling for Gonzalo whose match average is much lower.


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