Medium Goal Pros

August 8, 2017 | James Dodge

Medium Goal Pros to consider for your lineup (6-4): Roberto Zedda, Matias Torres Zavaleta, Juan Monteverde, Hawaii Polo Life Team

Matias Torres Zavaleta won the US Open MVP with Cambiaso and Diego Cavanagh on his team, what more do I need to say, he’s a beast. He has been doing well in the Columbine Cup so far averaging a solid 17 points a game. He is someone who will get better as the tournament goes on and as the pressure goes up. Watch for him to control the offense from the number 3 position.

Juan Monteverde is the team mate of Zavaleta who will benefit from most team focusing on Zavaleta and Terrera. He will look to pull the team forward from the number 2 position and surprisingly has made most of his points on back hands. He is leading the tournament with 25 in two games so look for him to be a major contributor on defense and make space for Zavaleta on his way to goal.

Roberto Zedda is a 4 goaler on team Colorado with Diego Cavanagh, and is a wild card player who has been looking good so far in the Columbine Cup. He will be taking passes from Cavanagh and if his passes are like his penalty shots they will be right on target giving Zedda plenty of chances to score goals from the field. Look for this 4 goaler to help add flexibility to your line up since he has been scoring much higher than his price tag would expect.

Hawaii Polo Life team is an all pro team in the tournament, look for one of their players to be a stand out as the Columbine Cup continues. So far Juan Martin Obregon and Tommy Collingwood have been the best two fantasy wise so far. The biggest part of all pro teams are the chemistry between the players. The Columbine Cup is a perfect time for them to build some confidence in each other that will hopefully carry over to the Colorado Open. Look for our team previews to see how these teams finish the Columbine Cup and who will have the best bet of winning you the Colorado Open.


Ph: Polo Channel