New Faces

October 8, 2018 | James Dodge

La Ensenada – Juan Britos priced at only 13k is a steal! We have seen him explode onto the world polo stage this past year. We have seen Britos have success at every level and it continues here. If you are looking for a cheaper player with big upside this is it! We have seen Juan Martin Zubia and Jeronimo Del Carril have been a roller coaster in the past scoring 30 points one game and nothing the next I would avoid them until they prove they can perform consistently at this level. Facundo Fernandez Llorente is a new face Fantasy Polo, we will have to wait and see how he fits into this team.

La Canada Angiocor DRF РHalf of the winning team from the US Open combined with one of our fantasy favorites Sebastian Merlos makes this team very exciting. Players I would consider adding are Jared Zenni because he has played a high level for a long time and is priced at only 8k. I think he adds a lot of value in that he is a very cheap player that will get you some points, but also can allow you add a lot more value in your other three players because he takes up so little of your budget. Also Sebastian Merlos is sure to do well, he has been around and played at this level for a long time. Look for him to lead the team and help the other players like Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario and Agustin Obregon be more successful at this level of polo.


Ph: Katerina Morgan