New Faces

June 25, 2018 | FP Strategist

The Gold Cup is nearly upon us and it’s time to take a look at those few players that we haven’t seen yet. There are a couple of new teams in the roster and a couple of small changes to team line ups.

New Teams:

Alfi Investments:

Alshair Fiyaz ($7k): Having never featured before in Fantasy we await to see how this new patron to the UK copes with the fast and furious pace of the English season.

Jack Hyde ($16k): Played for Talandracas last year and was fine off his $16k price tag. Hopefully this year he will shine a little brighter although don’t be surprised if he is used solely as a space creator for Polito. This will reduce his desirability as a Fantasy pick.

Nicolas Pieres ($36k): Although he didn’t light up the Queen’s Cup, he is now coupled with cousin Polito, whose attacking skills compliment his strength at the back. This should increase his point scoring power.

Polito Peres ($37k): Polito is a great Fantasy pick as he is a high field goal scorer and attacking player. For this reason he is slightly more expensive than his cousin, but should be worth spending that extra $1k on.

Murus Sanctus:

Corinne Ricard ($5k): Coming in to the season cold,Corinne may not be the best patron to pick, however she is the cheapest and could save you some pennies to spend elsewhere…

Ed Hitchman ($19k): We have never had this 4 goaler in Fantasy so we await to see how he measures up to others such as Hugo Lewis, Jack Hyde, Alec White and Charlie Hanbury. He is currently the cheapest option out there.

Gonzalo Pieres ($36k): A strong backhander, Gonzalo makes big points from his number 4 position. He is also usually pretty accurate from the penalty line. He is a solid pick.

Facundo Sola ($33k): Always a strong Fantasy pick, with Gonza Pieres behind him, look for this player to be making big attacking moves and really scoring highly for you in Fantasy.

New Patrons:

Bob Jornayvaz ($11k): Bob takes over from son Rob as we head in to the new competition. Although he is a hard worker, don’t look for the score rate of his son as he is not quite so forward running.

Edouard Carmignac ($6k): Again, taking the place of his son Hughes, Edouard has not been a strong patron pick in the past.

Harald Link ($7k): We haven’t seen Harald Link before but with his young side in need of all the help they can get, look to him to be relied on as a fourth man.


Ph: Cymon Skinner