May 25, 2017 | Katie Vickery

Some of you will have seen that Jeronimo Del Carril did not line up with his Sifani team on Tuesday 23rd of May. We can now confirm that Jean Paul Clarkin will be replacing him for the rest of the Queen’s Cup so for those of you who picked Jeronimo in your team to is time to use one of those precious transfers.


Swapping him out will free up $23k of your budget and with this you can afford some great picks. His replacement Jean Paul Clarkin proved his worth by scoring 22.25 points in his match against King Power Foxes. A good score considering the power of the opposition. He is also a 7 gaoler meaning that he is a complete steal off $23k.

You can also afford Ollie Cudmore off $23k or Tommy Beresford and Matt Perry off $22k. None of these players reached the score of Clarkin, but have the potential to make solid points.


Ph: Gonzalo Etcheverry