June 1, 2017 | FP News

For those with Diego Cavanagh on your team, watch this space for updates as to whether he will play again in Sunday’s match against Murus Sanctus after a fall in the second chukka of the La Bamba de Areco vs King Power match had him leave the field, replaced by Rodrigo Andrade. He is looking set to play so don’t give up on him just yet but if you want a sure fire player making you points out there it might be time to use one of your transfers…

For those of you with Andrade in your team, you may have got an extra 4 chukkas yesterday when he came on for Cavanagh. However, this actually wasn’t a positive for you as he actually lost points overall after receiving a yellow card in the fourth chukka. This brought his match score to -2.75 and lost you points! Don’t despair however as he is still ranked 13th with a very respectable score of 47 points.


Ph: Cymon Skinner – People of Polo