June 12, 2017 | FP News

The semi finals are set with 2 quite surprising wins. El Remanso defeated King Power in the first match of the day and will move forward to play the second semi final against RH on Wednesday. While many may have assumed it would be a Pieres win, it was the brits who shone winning 11-9. This will mean some serious line up rearrangements will be in order for many Fantasy teams banking on a King power win.

The first semi final will be between La Indiana, who qualified directly last week, and Murus Sanctus. Corinne Ricard’s team defeated Talandracas 10-7 after a fairly close match this afternoon.

Sommelier vs La Bamba de Areco were up first on Sunday with a win from Sommelier moving them in to the subsidiary semi finals to play against Talandracas. La Bamba are now out of the tournament so it is key to get transferring now to keep your team making you points. Monterosso’s win over Sifani later in the afternoon see them matched against the semi final knockout losers King power Foxes in the second of the subsidiary semi finals on Thursday. As with La Bamba that is the end of the Queen’s Cup for Sifani so make those changes before Wednesday.

Check out the stats of all the weekend’s matches here.


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