Penalty Shooters

June 14, 2017 | James Dodge

If you’re looking to make points by having a penalty scorer (or even 2 in your team) look no further as we highlight those players who are cool in from top goal and those who just can’t seem to get the ball between the posts. Penalties can make a big difference to a player’s score so here are the penalty shooters left in the tournament in order of their accuracy:

Ignacio Toccalino 8-9 (88%)

Guillermo “Sapo” Caset 15-19 (79%)

Julian de Lussarreta 19-24 (79%)

Hilario Ulloa 21-27 (78%)

Facundo Pieres 7-11 (64%)

Agustín Merlos 4-7 (57%)

Adolfo Cambiaso 5-15 (33%)


Ph: Cymon Skinner – People of Polo