Perfect Line Up Round 2

August 15, 2017 | Katie Vickery
 Ranking Player Value Points
1 Juan Martín Obregon $22,000 27.25
2 Mariano Gracida $19,000 25.75
3 Diego Cavanagh $31,000 19.25
4 Nacho Badiola $26,000 15.75
TOTAL $98,000 88


As discussed in our previous post Dream Team, the second round was all about Hawaii Polo life, with 3 of their 4 players making it in to the perfect line up. What more can we say about these talented 4, 5 and 6 goalers that they aren’t already showing us on the field. Juan Martin Obregon is by far the most valuable player of the tournament so far, earning you 2.15 points per $1k you are spending on him compared to Adolfo Cambiaso who is earning you similar points but only 1.13 for every $1k you spend.

Mariano Gracida at just $19k is earning costing you just $1143 per point he makes you. Nacho Badiola, while much more expensive at $26k is making the same average points per match as fellow perfect line up teammate Diego Cavanagh at 14.88. The difference being that Cavanagh with 2 goals more in handicap is rocking a hefty $31k price tag.

It’s all about efficiency when it comes to fantasy so it is worth looking at your point per cost averages.


Ph: Polo Channel