Player Values – Downs

September 8, 2017 | FP Strategist

With an extra 2 teams joining the fray for the Hurlingham and Argentine Opens it has meant some rearranging of the player values so hear we look at those players who went down in value and who could prove to be total steals for your Fantasy line up:


Notable Downs:

Gonzalo Pieres (Ellerstina):

Score in last year’s Triple Crown: 315.75

Ranking in last year’s Triple Crown: 7

Value: 34,500 —> 28,000

Comments: With top scorer brother Facundo Pieres on his team it is unsurprising that Gonzalo did not make the Fantasy splash that he might have done. However now off a lower value he is not to be discounted as he could be a great addition to your team if you don’t have the big bucks.


Juan Martin Nero (La Dolfina):

Score in last year’s Triple Crown: 310

Ranking in last year’s Triple Crown: 8

Value: 34,500 —> 27,000

Comments: The cheapest of the La Dolfina line up Juan Martin Nero’s strengths lie in his backhands. Although he is a solid point scorer his lower goal scoring total sees his value dropped slightly which could make him a wildcard.


Guillermo “Sapo” Caset (Alegria):

Score in last year’s Triple Crown: 271

Ranking in last year’s Triple Crown: 12

Value: 26,000 —> 24,000

Comments: Sapo proved himself to be a huge Fantasy asset throughout the US and UK seasons however in Argentina he is slightly overshadowed by the big goys of the Ellerstina and La Dolfina line up. He is in a team of big hitters and therefore his value is slightly diminished.


Polito Pieres (Ellerstina):

Score in last year’s Triple Crown: 210.5

Ranking in last year’s Triple Crown: 19

Value: 25,500 —> 22,000

Comments: Having been moved up to 10 for the 2016 season Polito is back on 9 where he is possibly more valuable. We have reflected this change in his value as his performance last year in the Fantasy rankings was less than 10 goals. He is now a valuable pick off his $22k value.


The Novillo Astrada Brothers

All 4 of the Novillo Astrada brothers that make up the La Aguada Las Monjitas team went down after they all ranked very close together in the bottom third of the roster. With 4 equally strong players in the team, no one has a chance to shine and earn those runaway Fantasy points making their totals low and making them undesirable Fantasy picks for you.


Ph: Katerina Morgan